Product | Jin Hong wireless switch is officially released

Addtime:2019-03-25 15:01:00   Sources:Wenzhou Jinhong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Jin Hong Electrical New Products

Wireless switch online


Wireless switch is divided into two parts

JH - WS transmitter and receiver of JH - WR

Matching use, avoid tedious walk line

Let the control more convenient


No power supply free maintenance

JH - WS transmitters due to the spontaneous electrical

From the battery replacement

Improve the waterproof and dustproof performance

Reach IP67 degree of protection

Suitable for indoor and outdoor long-term use of a variety of places

Rich control mode

JH - WS transmitters and JH - WR receiver matching use,

Can learn matching operation, can achieve programmatic control,

At the same time can also be cleared to have learning matching the output of the model.

技术规范The technical specification


Control mode that




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